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 #1 International Bestselling Business Author, Speaker & Coach. 

"By ourselves we can do amazing things, yet together we can climb the highest mountain.” – Mike Raber 
I work with coaches, influencers, and professionals who are striving to be thought leaders. I help them fully understand their own superpowers and step into their purpose as they help their clients obtain peace and profitability in their business. I created a powerful framework to help my clients remove false beliefs, that often get in their way; Such as, dealing with imposter syndrome and the many challenges faced by small business owners. In the end, I help them design a business that becomes a true asset allowing them to live the life they deserve while serving their community. 
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The 6 Steps to Creating Wealth
When designing a solid financial foundation. You want to begin by going over the six steps to creating wealth: Click the picture to access the course
Step number one is properly budgeting and understanding cash flow.
Step number two is having proper protection in place.
Step number three is having sufficient emergency reserves in place.
Step number four is eliminating debt.
Step number five, short-mid-long-term savings & investing.
And finally, step number six is estate and legacy planning.

It’s interesting because people think that a financial planner or advisor works with the planning or investing side. Yet if you notice, a lot of what goes into the plan, comes before saving and long-term investing is even addressed. The main objective is to make sure the foundation is solid first, then as you put everything in place, it’s important to finish the plan with estate and legacy planning.
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